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Veröffentlicht: Februar 26, 2010 in Useful Tools, Webdesign

I browsed the web (found at, to find free webdesign tools and resources for you – here they are:


SiteKreator – You can instantly design, build and host a fully-branded website for personal or business use.

Leafletter – Allows you to create a “little web site” that you can then distribute anywhere (social networks, blogs, other websites).

SynthaSite – Browser-based website creation tool that allows you to collaborate with friends or colleagues. Also has lots of widgets, templates and other components you can use.

Weebly – With Weebly you can create a fully branded website using a drag and drop interface, and change your design any time.

FolioNow – A web-based tool that makes creating websites affordable and requires little effort.

Zinadoo – Lets you create and share a mobile website.

mobispirit – An online platform for creating mobile applications.

siteMighty – Web based platform for creating affiliate websites in minutes.

CreataPlace – Create a professional portfolio website without programming. And it’s affordable.

weebox – Flash-based website creator with a drag-and-drop interface. You do have to host through them.

freewebs – Fast and easy website creator with hundreds of available templates and customizable widgets.

Built Smarter – Tons of templates available, depending on the price you’re willing to pay, built-in modules and customization also available.

sampa – Free website creation and hosting. There is an ad bar that runs across the top of your site.

Wufoo – Online form builder with full CSS and XHTML integration.

formspring (FormSpring) – Another online form builder. This one lets you get all of the form submissions through an RSS feed or single spreadsheet instead of hundreds of emails.


inserit – A codeless CMS that lets you freely design your pages and integrate live content anywhere. Host your website anywhere (Linux (Linux) or Windows (Windows)).

BrowserShots – Test (test) your site in different browsers.

tweak (Tweak UI) – Tweak is a CMS that allows you to design your way, and make it conform. You can also save pages in just about any format (HTML, PHP (PHP), ASP, JSP, etc.).

formatpixel – Create an online magazine, fanzine or catalog that you can then share on your website.

RoundedCornr – Generates HTML/CSS code and images for rounded corners.


ColorSchemer – I use the color scheme gallery on this site all the time for inspiration when creating just about anything.

COLOURlovers – Tons of color theory inspiration and color schemes as well as color trends.

Color Mixers – Color Mixers creates color schemes for you, and has an easy-to-use slider interface.

ColorBlender – A free online tool for color matching and palette design. You just choose a color using the color picker and a 6-color matching palette will be automatically created.

Kuler – Make color schemes that are compatible with Adobe Creative Suite products.

colr – Another color scheme generator.

Color Tool 2.0.8 Alpha – This is a pretty cool color scheme generator that allows you to save and then link to your color scheme.

Vecteezy – Get free vector graphics from top artists around the world.

BlogFlux Button Maker – The Button Maker allows you to make 80×15 and 88×13 buttons with a few clicks and without needing to know how to use a graphics program.

Button Browser – Button gallery and button maker.

Brilliant Button Maker – Another 80×15 button maker.

Background Image Maker – You can make slash, strip, dot or gradation backgrounds with this free online tool.

Brusheezy – Very cool Photoshop brushes available for download.

Tartan Maker – Create your own tartans with this easy-to-use web-based tool. Use for backgrounds or other images.

iconfinder – An icon search engine.

Stripe Generator 2.0 (Stripe Generator 2.0) – Create striped backgrounds for your site.

FamFamFam – Silk icons, 1000 to choose from. There are report icons, picture icons, XHTML/CSS buttons, hardware drive icons, feed icons, and more.

IconBuffet – Professional icon collections.

Web 2.0 Badges – Create Web 2.0 badges for your site.

The Icon Factory – They offer freeware icons as well as a shareware IconBuilder.

Colr Pickr – Pick a color and Colr Pickr will show you a bunch of images that consist primarily of that color from flickr.

terra IMS mapicons Dynamic Generator – Create PNG format images to use as icons on Google Maps (Google Maps) or Yahoo Maps.

pic2color – Create color palettes from images, and recolor your graphics.

TypeTester – TypeTester allows you to try out different web fonts to see how they’ll look side-by-side.


DesignSnack – A user-controlled web design showcase that can serve as great inspiration. Users get to vote on sites showcased.

Web Creme – A gallery of beautiful web designs for inspiration.

CSS Collection – A collection of real websites built with CSS to serve as inspiration.

cssBeauty – Check out their gallery for tons of inspiration.

ConceptShare – Share your work with clients and coworkers with a very clear interface that is unlikely to confuse clients.

A List Apart – The must-read blog/online magazine focused on web development and design.

Web Design from Scratch – Tons of resources for design, including articles on design process, goal-oriented design, site architecture and usability.

Css ForSale – Purchase an established CSS-based website or just go here for inspiration.


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