Social Media Strategy for Facebook – 10 reasons why its better than Twitter !

Veröffentlicht: April 19, 2010 in About Webdesign

found at and written by Mani Karthik

Just like you, I started off facebook as an experiment. Someone recommended it to me and said its lot of fun and you could make lots of friends…all that blah blah…yeah. Apprehensive at first, I registered and then left it at that for months together. Didn’t even care to add my known friends then. After months, something triggered me to go back to it, I think its seeing one of those successful and “engaging” profiles, and I couldn’t resist but get back to it. And I did.

Today, I spent almost the same time on Gmail on facebook. Its awesome and I love it for many reasons. Many of which makes it a better social networking site than Twitter. Here are 25 such odd reasons.

1. Twitter has a short attention span unlike facebook

Things I say on facebook remain. Twitter ? Not necessarily.

2. Facebook has a higher engagement value than Twitter

If you think about it with a shorter time span, may be Twitter has an edge. But cut off the excitement, if you try the same on facebook, the effects are long lasting.

3. The bigger you grow, the better the network, not always true with Twitter

I’m not trying to say that Twitter is more noise. But if you compare your network growth, Twitter sticks lesser value with it compared to facebook. You might even find out a few details about a guy you add on facebook, but not on Twitter.

4. Your network naturally rearranges itself putting quality folks on top on facebook

I like the fact that facebook leaves you with more activity from people you engage with more unlike in Twitter, and lets you find out who’s more “like you” in the long run.

5. Relationships made are clearly seen by all on facebook

I mean, you can see who your friends are on facebook right ? I wish if Twitter did something like that.

6. Facebook knows your preferences, whom you like and whom you don’t. Twitter doesn’t.

Well, lets say facebook studies you more than Twitter. Twitter doesn’t really care if you made friends on it or didn’t.

7. Twitter is great for “pushing” message across, but facebook takes it naturally ahead.

A breaking news might go hot on Twitter unlike on facebook, but facebook is more about sugestions than news, right ?

8. Facebook is more personal to you than Twitter.

Now, don’t lie on that.

9. Facebook is about meaningful relations, while Twitter may not be.

May be Twitter is not really a “social networking” tool. Wait ! No body ever told me it was.

10. Facebook is more about “you” while Twitter is more about “Others”

Twitter hardcore fans out there, before jumping into the conclusion that I’m a twitter hater, please understand that I’m not one and I love Twitter as much as facebook. But with the time spent on each, I understand that both networks have a lot of difference in its basic qualities. And that’s how it should be. They don’t compete with each other on the same grounds. Both the networks have evolved in to completely different environments, each having its own nature and behaviour. We as their users, should understand the differences and fit ourself accordingly, and that’s the moral of the story here. :) Hope you liked it.

  1. limewire sagt:

    lmao nice story bro.

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