Why the iPad failed

Veröffentlicht: August 10, 2010 in All About

Im Moment ist der Hype um das neueste Gadget aus dem Hause Apple ja immens – dennoch ist anscheinend nicht nur alles Eitel Sonnenschein, wenn man zumindest den Worten des Bloggers Lee Munroe Glauben schenkt.

Nichts destotrotz ein sehr lesenswerter Artikel.

Hier ein kleiner Auszug:

Back in June I had the pleasure of winning an iPad from the Onotate team. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely thankful but after less than 2 months of very little usage I’ve sold it. Why did it fail me?


There’s no use case

I have no use for the iPad. So many times I’ve “tried to fit it into my life” but it never really caught on.

A £400/£500 gadget shouldn’t be something you try to fit into your life. It should just fit. When I bought my first MacBook Pro a couple years back, it fitted perfectly. When I purchased an iPhone, it fitted perfectly. These things allowed me to be more efficient and productive. The iPad doesn’t do that.

Read the whole Article on www.leemunroe.com


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