Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel – Part 1

Veröffentlicht: Januar 5, 2011 in About Webdesign, CSS, Facebook, HTML / XHTML, Tutorials, Webdesign

Today i browsed the web for you and i found a very interesting page called sohtanaka.com. This page offers tutorials e.g. for Facebook.

Here`s a very interesting tutorial beginning with part 1 about „Facebook Style Footer Admin“

The popularity of social media has been booming in the past few years and Facebook definitely has climbed high to the top of the social network rankings. Facebook has many Ajax driven features and applications that are very impressive, and one of the things I particularly like is the footer admin panel, where it neatly organizes frequently used links and applications.

This week I would like to cover part 1 of how to recreate the Facebook footer admin panel with CSS and jQuery.

Final Demo

Read the whole Tutorial on www.sohtanaka.com


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